October 2019

The wedding reception party is the star of the wedding ceremony. Couples spend most of their time planning the activities for the wedding reception. It also takes the major share of the wedding budget. Everyone wants to explore different and best options available, to make their wedding reception distinguish. But whatever you do you have to pay the price for it. But if money is not the problem that there a long list of things you can do or get for your wedding reception. Even this can turn out to be a festival if you have dollars in your pocket. Some of the popular entertainment options for wedding reception

 DJ or Music Band

This is one of the traditional entertainment for the wedding decoration hire in Perth. People used to hire a DJ, who usually have lighting and music system. The DJ is still part of the wedding reception because the DJ will help to play the music as per the mood of the ceremony. The music band usually plays an entrance song or music while the couple enters the ceremony. DJ will be responsible for setting the mood of dances and will set the air, fill with music at the time of last dance.

 Celebrity Music bands

Yes, it’s expensive. But usually, rich people now feel proud to call celebrity music bands for their live performance at the skilled wedding stylist in Brisbane. This will make guest excited because they will be attending a live performance of renowned music bands at the wedding reception

 Photo Booth

This is something new. The photo booth is a fun activity for the guest. The booth will be installed with a thematic background, iPad or mobile device, connected to the internet. Guests can take their pictures on the booth and instantly share on their mobile devices. Further, those pictures can be uploaded on social media, this will create an online buzz of your wedding reception

 Magic Mirror or gif booth

The magic mirror booth seems like magic. The picture taken by guests on these booths seems like magical or photoshopped. Different mirrors show different types of reflection of guests and guests will be excited to see their twisted reflections. Gif booth is usually new and it is also an innovative way to keep your guest engaged

 Firework Display

Yes if you are going for an outdoor ceremony and you can spend money on your will. Then this is something mesmerizing. But you have to prior approval for fireworks display but this thing will never be forgotten by guests. The firework should last 10-15 minutes so that people can well look of it.

 These are some distinctive entertainment options. But this list is not exhaustive, there many other things like solo musicians, bouncy castles, retro arcade, fire performer, etc. The list can go on if you have money in your bank.