3 Places You Can Stay In When Tripping On A Budget

As much as travelling is a huge cost you have to bear when visiting or staying in a place even for a short period, so is accommodation. Therefore, when you are travelling on the budget, it is only given that you find places that wouldn’t cost too much. So here are some ideas you could try out.

Short term rentals

You can certainly choose to stay in private villas Seminyak when you are tripping to Indonesia, but if it’s a trip that you are going on with limited cash, it is always best to select cheaper accommodation options. On the other hand doing so would also increase your spending cash on other things rather than on the place that you are staying. So look up for short term rental rooms that are offered. You could either find these online or visit places that are known to provide such rooms. Most of the times these would be homes that locals are renting out for a much cheaper price than the hotels. This opens up a chance for you to interact with the locals as well. So depending on where you are tripping to consider this option.

Religious boarding

There are religious places like religious foundations and monasteries that offer even free lodging with food included. However, you can’t really guarantee that all places would be doing the same especially if your purpose was fun and not necessarily spiritual enlightening. Nonetheless, it helps to look up on such places that offer accommodation or visit them in person when you get there. What’s best is that most of these come with private bathrooms as well. So unless there is someone else also staying there, chances are you’ll be getting a comfortable place to stay in with a clean bathroom that need not be shared (at least until someone else joins) and this is much cheaper than villas in seminyak when you are travelling under the budget!

Boarding houses

If you don’t mind sharing a room with people you have never met, then boarding houses are also the perfect under the budget accommodation option. since there are many people staying in the house and most of the time one room is packed with at least one or two bunk beds shared by different people, the cost charged is lower than most other places. It also gives you a chance to meet new people and make new friends! However, you also need to keep in mind that some places might not be the most reliable and could be sketchy, so use safe sites like TripAdvisor and find the best place to stay in!Try some of the above options and save up on accommodation the next time you plan on tripping anywhere!