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Every person is different and has different views and thoughts. One person liking something does not ensure that everyone will like it or love it. This is the beauty of individuality of having different opinions and thoughts. Education teaches us to respect everyone’s opinions and if the moment gets heated up, it is better to come to a point where both opposing parties should agree to disagree. Our society is a conglomerate of so many different sets of traditions, morals and values that one thing that is considered to be good by a sector of society is very much capable of being unlike by other people of the society.  Such is the concept of aged care facilities, these are aged care homes that expertise in taking care of the senior citizen and aged people and to make them feel a useful and important part of the society. These aged care facilities centres are now so much evolved that they replicate a resort or high-end hotel where elderly people can check in and spend their remaining days peacefully. They can come and go as they please given that they have no medical condition, in which they will require an attendant to be with them all the time.

People in favour of these aged care facilities Surrey Hills centres consider being a Godsend solution. They argue that the fast-paced life and tensions of earning and providing for the families might make them neglect their elderly parents and they might not be able to provide proper care and attention that they require and very rightfully need. They can send their parents to these aged homes, where they can find like-minded people to socialize with that are also more or less in the same age group. They can take up short courses and classes which are a great boost for mental and physical health as well. They can go on picnics and tours with other members of these aged care facilities centres and enjoy their life being active and out and about instead of just laying around in the house feeling worthless. There is an old age home to cater to every class of society with different rates and packages. Selecting one is entirely up to the person’s financial capability.

Next comes the point of view of people that are not in favour of these aged care facilities and consider them a curse for the society. They think of it as a way of getting rid of the responsibility for taking care of parents. They argue that being away from grandparents, the new generation misses out on so much that can be learned from the experience of grandparents. People against aged care facilities centres have their concerns and they need to be answered rightly so.

Apart from the fact that there are people against as well as in favour of these old age homes, the last decision should be left on the person whether he wants to get into one or wants to live rest of his life with his family.