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Mental Health 101 - Should You See A Therapist Or A Psychiatrist

No matter how advanced we have become as a species, the human kind still have not being able to create a fully functioning artificial brains. The reason for this is that, just as much as fascinating the human brain is, it is very complex. That’s why mental health has become one of the most difficult areas in medicine.There’s a fair possibility for you to having come across many trivial articles that blunts talks about mainstream criteria under this topic. However, you don’t want to learn about the symptoms and the history of mental diseases; you need a cure and in the end of this read, you’re highly likely to find the answer. Therefore, on to the big question – what should you go for, a therapist or a psychiatrist?A psychiatrist is someone who will prescribe you medicine, if that’s the need, to suppress the chemical imbalances in your brain. The truth is that, the moment you stop the medication, the ever-raging anxious and depressive feelings resurface just like that. Nevertheless, a counsellor Perth is someone who will teach you how to counter-think what you’re feeling right now. That way, the solution is permanent over a pill you pop in. This doesn’t mean that the role of psychiatrists are inhumane, but a therapist wants to understand you, develop a connection with you and show you a perspective that helps you to kill whatever the negative feeling you are feeling right now and it is permanent. 

Think of it as this way; if you’re extremely scared of a dark room, the medicinal approach will suppress your fear of the darkness even if you don’t know what lies there truly, but in the therapeutic approach, they will light the room up and show you that there’s nothing to be scared. This is why anxiety counselling have always helped millions of people to fight their thoughts in the logical and the right way. If you really need the help of medication as well, a great therapist would recommend you to channel a psychiatrist as well, whilst continuing to cleanse your mind.How can you choose a skilled or a reliable therapist? Here are 5 factors to check.The gender you’re comfortable with – However, it is known fact that feminine therapists tend to have a more solid impact on the patients.Their availabilityTheir personal concern about you – are you just another customer or do they want you to recover for real.The way of charging you in terms of paymentsThe network of psychiatrists they can recommend if that’s necessaryThere is nothing as being forever lost in the darkness; you only need to make the right decision without burning your soul out another day.