The Need For Regular Caravan Service

Caravans are like any other part of machinery. After a while, they need to be maintained and repaired. Usually a time period is set after which a caravan requires attention. There are many different things done during each service session of a caravan. This service is needed to upkeep the performance of the caravan. Without adequate and regular service, the good atlantic caravans will not be able to perform. It’s functions properly. The service is usually performed every ten or fifteen days or so. However it can be delayed for twenty to thirty days at a time when the caravan is not used that much. For caravans out of use, a minor service can be performed every six months or so. The frequency of service for caravans not in use can be reduced to once every year or so without any concerns. 

The most common part of a campervan service Melbourne is changing the oil. The engine of a caravan has oil on it that acts as an lubricant and an electrolyte. This oil becomes dirty over time and needs to be replaced. The frequency of replacement depends on the mileage the caravan has been used for. It also depends on the time between each service.

Oil change can be done at almost any service station for cars. No separate mechanic is needed. The regular mechanics are well trained to change the oils of caravans as well as cars. The oil is usually five to six litres. Larger caravans might have ten to fifteen litres of oil on them. The larger the caravan, the more the oil that will be needed to keep it running. This is the reason many people prefer smaller caravans as they do not require that much oil. Less oil also means the cost of oil replacement is lower than it would have been otherwise. But smaller caravans are also not equipped to take more than five to six people. This is why there is a trade off between the accommodation options and the service costs it requires.
The other major aspect of servicing caravans encompasses the change of filters. Filters are of two types. There are air filters and there are oil filters. Oil filters need to be replaced at a greater frequency than air filters. Air filters usually last twice as a long as oil filters. Oil filters are made or cardboard and have a perforated surface that purifies the impurities out of the oil inside a filter. Similarly air filters also have a surface with holes that allow the clean air to pass but capture small particles such as dust and smoke that might harm the engine of the caravan. This makes the engine cleaner. This also helps the engine to last longer tha it would otherwise.