Understanding Electro Fusion Welding

Electro fusion is the process of joining together pipes wherein such process makes it efficient for workers to do in comparison to other processes. Although it is important for you to know that it needs to be done with extreme caution as this could lead to bad joining of pipes that could be problematic in the industry.

Joining polymer pipes

Polymer pipes are one of the pipes that can be difficult to join together, and must be meticulously fused together to ensure that it fits the set standard intended for its purpose. This means to say that it is intended for specialized fittings. Through commercial polyethylene pipes, which is one of the best techniques in the industry, the polymer pipes and fittings are joined together through wires that are installed in its structure.

Internal melting

When it comes to the whole process of welding pipes, electro fusion makes use of internal melting through the conductive substance inside or by conductive polymers wherein heat is applied through electric current that contacts the materials together, thus shrinking it and fitting it perfectly as it needs to be. In order for the process of welding to take place, it still needs to undergo extensive tests in order to determine if it will pass or not through proper design and installation.

Polyethylene piping

Another game changer in the piping industry is polyethylene pipe fittings wherein it is a thermoplastic pipe made from material that can be easily sealed and reformed. This is material is flexible and extremely durable which makes it a suited material for the process of welding.For industries that make use of gas, liquids, and chemicals, polyethylene pipes are best suited for this because it is able to resist chemical and environmental factors that could affect its state and quality, thus such characteristic is imperative to ensure that there won’t be any cracks occurring in the whole piping system.


This ensures that the there is a lower chance of leakages, breaking of pipe or joints when impacted with heavy loads. Furthermore, this entails that the whole system is in optimal condition to perform its tasks. For factories that makes use of pipes, it is imperative that these pipes and joints do not break, because it can cause a huge sum of money for repairs and lead to a great loss of profit because of the halting of production.